Kamis, 29 September 2011

Some wisdom word says "seeing is believing", and perhaps that's true. At first we had a difficult time to make the choice, but after spending some time meeting and talking with the finalists of Puteri Indonesia 2011, we are finally able to determine our first list of favorites. And here it comes .... The First Leaderboard for Puteri Indonesia 2011!

The Leaderboard
1. Jawa Tengah
2. Sumatera Utara
3. Jawa Timur
4. DKI Jakarta 4
5. Sumatera Barat
6. Sulawesi Selatan
7. DKI Jakarta 1
8. DKI Jakarta 3
9. Kepulauan Riau
10. DKI Jakarta 6

Beauty and smart-wise, the delegates from our capital city still dominates like in past years, with DKI Jakarta 1 and DKI Jakarta 3 stands out for their beauty and DKI Jakarta 4 and DKI Jakarta 6 for their commendable communication skill. The other two delegates from the capital city, DKI Jakarta 2 and DKI Jakarta 5 are also among our "bubbling up" list and could potentially slip into the Top 10. Overall, it is quite a strong year for DKI Jakarta and we won't be surprised to see more than 3 of them to be in the actual Top 10 on 7 October 2011.

Outside from Jakarta, the strong contenders for the crown are the girls from Sumatera region, like Riau and Sumatera Barat and especially Sumatera Utara. A favorite of many pageant fans, Sumatera Utara is also a favorite of ours. She is placed in our Top 3 along with two other mega favorites, the demure porcelain doll from Jawa Tengah, who reminds us to Korean beauty queen Honey Lee, and the exotic and voluptuous Jawa Timur. In our opinion, at this moment, these 3 girls are the best in the batch to represent Indonesia in international pageants next year.

Other girl to watch out is Sulawesi Selatan, one of the prettiest girl we have ever seen from Sulawesi region in recent years and has everything needed to bring back her province to powerhouse status. Don't count out Papua Barat, Kalimantan Timur, Riau, and Bali too. Any of them could potentially pull a surprise and make the cut on the final night.

Now that we have share our opinion, it's time for you to shout out yours. Visit and discuss your faves on our forum, leave your comment at our Facebook wall, or mention us at our Twitter. And don't forget to visit this blog regularly for more updates and news about Puteri Indonesia 2011. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Niki Hutomo for the Leaderboard banner. The red is indeed the new gold! LOL!
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