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With only hours before the finale of Puteri Indonesia 2011, here is the third and the final list of our Leaderboard. This edition is special because not only we make the list, we also explain the reason behind each and every single one of it. And this is it .... the Final Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard
1. Sumatera Barat
2. Jawa Tengah
3. Jawa Timur
4. DKI Jakarta 4
5. DKI Jakarta 5
6. Sulawesi Selatan
7. Sumatera Utara
8. DKI Jakarta 3
9. Papua Barat
10. Papua

In addition to the 10 girls above, special mentions are given to these "bubbling up girls", all are so close to make it into Top 10 list of our faves.
11. DKI Jakarta 2
12. Riau
13. Kalimantan Timur
14. DKI Jakarta 1
15. DKI Jakarta 6

Now it's time to talk about the reasons behind each girl placement in the Leaderboard, starting with the newcomers in this Final edition, DKI Jakarta 5, Papua and Papua Barat.

DKI Jakarta 5
She made a fantastic jump from bubbling up position to fifth place due to her consistency in photo shoot, both candid and fashion. She looks great from every angle and is obviously the most photogenic this year! At first we were not really convinced with her but after evaluating her photos again and again we start to feel that she actually has something and could potentially go very far in this competition.

The other newcomers in the Leaderboard are two girls from the easternmost provinces in Indonesia, Papua and Papua Barat. Both contestants have their own unique strong points and we believe this year could be a historic moment in Puteri Indonesia when both Melanesian beauties could make it into Top 10!

Papua Barat
When she crowned several months ago, she was one of our favorite. But as the competition continues, she started to fade into the background. That's until we met her in person! She is very charming and personable. And she has a good communication skill too! Her golden moment came during her interview with a national television media. Asked about corruption in Indonesia, she gave a very strong and out-of-the-box answer that really impressed us. Watch out for her, guys!

Her strong point comes from her exotic and modelesque look. Unlike her sister province Papua Barat whose beauty is more of sweet and charming type, this girl beauty is more of fierce type. She reminds us to those Afro American celebrities with her distinct look and hairstyle. This girl has what it takes to become a successful model if only she knows how to use what she has.

Next it's time to discuss the other girls place in the lower and middle tier of our Leaderboard. All have their own strength but also their own weakness which makes them omitted from being placed in the highest tier.

DKI Jakarta 3
Aside from her sweet oriental look, she has a good communication skill and pageant experience factors as she has competed in two other prestigious modeling competitions in Indonesia, Wajah Femina and Gadis Sampul before. Too bad she does not seem to possess any special factor that makes her a stand out among all other beautiful contestants this year. In other word, she is pretty but hardly memorable.

Sumatera Utara

She has the commercial look of a celebrity and it's not too surprising if she has been involved in various commericals and films with such look. Like many pother pageant ones, at first we thought she would be the one to beat in this competition. However, lately we find her performance slowly become more and more inconsistent and that's why we can't place her higher than seventh place.

Sulawesi Selatan
Undoubtedly she is has one of the prettiest face in this year competition and if this competition is only all about beauty, she would have advanced even further. However, she suffers something similar to DKI Jakarta 3, the lack of stand out quality, and that what makes us doubtful to put her higher. She is smart but there are other girls who outsmart her. pretty but there are other prettier girls in the bunch, she has great body but there are other girls with better body. In the end, this girl actually has almost every good quality but none of them truly excels.

DKI Jakarta 4
No doubt she is the girl with the best communication skill this year. She is so smart and her life is so full of adventures and experiences. As intelligence is usually highly rewarded in Puteri Indonesia competition, she has a very solid chance to place and even to penetrate the Top 5 round. So why we don't place this smart girl as Top 3? The reason is simply because in the end Puteri Indoensia is still a beauty pageant and beauty-wise she is not as strong as the other 3 girls in our Top 3 Leaderboard.

The Top 3 finalists on the higher tier of our Leaderboard are the ones with the best and the most balanced quality in our opinion. They have what it takes to become a good Puteri Indonesia as well as a delegate for international pageants. We really look forward to see one of them announced as the winner tonight.

Jawa Timur
Let's start with the girl that we think should be sent to Miss Asia Pacific next year. Her strong point is her exotic, typical Indonesian beauty look that should be more than enough to catch people attention in Miss Asia Pacific. This girl is also not a newbie in pageant, she has even won another national level pageant before (Miss Indonesia Earth 2010). A combination of look and experience that she has sounds like a winning combination for us.

Jawa Tengah
Those who love Princess-like beauty from fairy tale will surely fall in love with her. Because she is indeed a Princess, looking absolutely sweet and demure, yet very regal at the same time. She is perfectly suited for Miss International which seems to have preference for demure beauty like her. Our only worry is that her oriental look which is not the typical choice of Puteri Indonesia judges and that could possibly ruin her chance to become one of the Top 3. However, we really really really wish that this time Puteri Indonesia would give a chance for an oriental beauty like her because not only she deserves it, but also to show that Indonesia indeed has a diverse type of beauties.

Sumatera Barat
Beautiful stunning face? Checked! Alluring hot body? Checked! Warm and humble personality? Checked! So what else would you ask from this girl? In our opinion, she has the most complete assets to become this year winner. Yes, she maybe not perfect, but with a proper training and preparation and we have confidence that she would do great at next year Miss Universe. After a very long deliberation, we finally decided that she is the most suited one to become Puteri Indonesia 2011 and that’s why we put him as the top of our Leaderboard this time.

So that's all Folks! So who will eventually win this year? We will find out in just a few hours ... stay tuned!

Special thanks to Niki Hutomo for the banner!

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