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So guys this is our Final Leaderboard of L-Men of The Year 2011. We have to admit that it is not easy to make a Leaderboard for L-Men of The Year, as this competition is not only looking for someone who can represent Indonesia in international pageant but also a good brand ambassador that can represent L-Men products. This year particularly is even more difficult because the finalists are really competitive and it is really hard to say who will win among them. However after considering a lot of factors, we finally make our final list, and here it is ......

The Leaderboard
1. Jawa Tengah
2. Bali
3. Sumatera Utara
4. Sulawesi Utara 1
5. DKI Jakarta
6. Jawa Barat

There are some reasons why we pick those 6 finalists as our top choice. But before we talk about that, let’s meet the dark horses of the competition first. While they are not enlisted in our Leaderboard, we won’t be too surprised if they pull an upset and make it to the actual Top 6.

Erik Suwanto (Sulawesi Selatan)
If only there was a Congeniality award in this competition, the winner had to be him. He is a very confident, warm, and friendly person, and his communication skill is one of the best among the finalists. His background as a blood donor could also help him to earn extra credits from the judges.

Marino Ali Sastrayuda (Jawa Timur 2)
In the age of 35 he manages to do something that 2010 First Runner Up - Thomas Sebastian - did, reducing his weight significantly and getting a fitter healthier body. This story certainly fits “Break the Boundaries” theme perfectly, showing that age is not a boundary to achieve something.

Adi Jaya (Jawa Timur 1)
Being the tallest one helps him to stand out among the finalists and opens a great opportunity for him to become a great catwalk model in the future. He is also quite multitalented himself, being both an avid sportsman and a musician, that should give him an extra edge to impress the judges.

Next let’s finally talk about the finalists in our list, starting with the 3 on the lower tier of our Leaderboard pyramid. They obviously have something that makes them deserve to be in the Top 6, but they also lack something that prevents them from being placed in the higher tier.

Okky Yoswara (Jawa Barat)
On a positive note, he looks really good in person, reminding us of all those gorgeous Korean actors with his distinct oriental look. He is also a very charming and charismatic. Too bad, all that charms suddenly disappear in his candid photos. We all adore him in person but we are not really impressed with his candid photos.

Gillian Pangalila (DKI Jakarta)
He has the most distinct look of all finalists, and a very commercial one. Add the fact that he is the winner of Best Catwalk award and he clearly seems locked for Top 6 placement. The only thing that makes us doubtful to put him higher is that somehow he is always felt distant. A good ambassador should be relatable to the public and that is something which we don’t feel from him.

Christian Loho (Sulawesi Utara 1)
He has a good combination of commercial look and a great sculpted body which surely increase his chance for a Top 6 placement. He is also photogenic and looks good in many of his photos, especially when taken from profile angle. Out of the 3 finalists in our lower tier, he is the closest finalist to reach the higher tier, and yet he is not. The reason is simply because, in our opinion, his look and his influence over social media are not as strong as those who are ranked higher than him in our Leaderboard.

The 3 finalists on the higher tier of our Leaderboard are the ones with the best and the most balanced quality in our opinion. They have what it takes to become a good ambassador as well as a delegate for international pageants. We really look forward to see one of them announced as the winner tomorrow night.

Jeremy Siregar (Sumatera Utara)
If you ask us who has the best face in this batch of finalists, our answer will be Jeremy. He has a very strong and handsome face that will appeal to both national and international taste. With such a face and his background as an English teacher, he is the perfect choice to represent Indonesia in international level competition. However, personality-wise, he is rather too quiet and timid, and lacks the social ability that the other 2 finalists on our higher tier have, which is why, despite having the best face in our eyes, we only put him in the third place of our Leaderboard.

Adiguna Kusuma (Bali)
He has a very exotic look which reminds us to 2005 First Runner Up - Rangga Raditya - and it certainly appeals to international audience. This exotic look along with his tall body make him another great choice to represent Indonesia in international level competition. In addition he also has strong influence over social media users, a quality that is certainly needed for a good brand ambassador. Adiguna has been our favorite since the beginning, and we really thought at first that he would be the one on the top of our final Leaderboard. However, once the quarantine started one other finalist suddenly comes out of nowhere and grabs our attention, which is why, after a very long and hard deliberation, we only put him in second place, giving the top position to ……

Rayhan Febrian (Jawa Tengah)
Since this competition started, Rayhan has always been considered as a contender for Top 6, but never we thought that he would be the one on the top of our final Leaderboard. It is not until the quarantine started when he slowly grabs our attention. Out of the finalists, we think he is the one with the most balanced quality. He looks great both in person and in pictures. He knows how to engage in a communication in cyber world as well as real world. In addition, he is also nominated for two important awards, Best Social Media Influencer and Best Catwalk. With all those qualities above, we are certain he will be a great choice to become L-Men of The Year 2011 and that’s why we put him as the top of our Leaderboard this time.

So that's all Folks! We really have to say thanks to our members, Gus Jayawardana, Niendya, Surya Ganggawangsa, Tito Rusdin, Ferriyanto Lim, Yuthadiantra, and Inu Bahsalmasan, who have helped a lot in making this Leaderboard. So who will eventually win this year? We will find out tomorrow night ... stay tuned!
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