Kamis, 30 September 2010

This is it ... the first Leaderboard for Puteri Indonesia 2010! After reviewing the pre-arrival pictures of the finalists and meeting themselves during the press conference, here is our judges' current pick for Top 10 most beautiful Emeralds of Nusantara!

The Emeralds of Nusantara
1. DI Yogyakarta
2. Gorontalo
3. DKI Jakarta 4
4. DKI Jakarta 3
5. Jawa Tengah
6. Bali
7. DKI Jakarta 1
8. Sumatera Selatan
9. Jawa Timur
10. Maluku

Is your fave on the list? If not, don't worry ... there is still more updates as the pageant continues. Stay tuned only at this blog!
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