Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

L-Men of The Year 2011 is about to start in a few days. And just like in other major competitions, we always create a Leaderboard for this particular event. This first Leaderboard reflects our choice based on the official pictures of the contestants alone and is bound to change once the quarantine starts. So for the very first list, here are our faves for the competition!

The Leaderboard
1. Bali
2. Sumatera Utara
3. Sulawesi Utara 1
4. Jawa Barat
5. DKI Jakarta
6. Jawa Tengah
7. Kepulauan Riau

Now how about yourself? Is your fave also the same as our list? If not, don't worry ... there are still other Leaderboard issues to come. Maybe next time, your fave will be in the list.

Stay tuned!
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