Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

With only hours before the announcement of the 3 Grand Finalists from Zone 2 L-Men of The Year 2011, it's time to launch our final Leaderboard. of course, this list is entirely our prediciton only and the result may be completely the opposite. Regardless, making prediction is already one of our tradition (and hobby) too. So without further a do, here are the 3 candidates that we think should be among the Grand Finalists ...

Special thanks to all of our members who have participated in this Leaderboard, Surya Ganggawangsa, Zephend, Fikriblast, Ferriyanto Lim, Inu Bahsalmasan, and Gus Jayawardana.

This Leaderboard also serves as the last Leaderboard for L-Men of The Year 2011 in a while. The next Leaderboard will be launched once all 12 Grand Finalists chosen. By then we are no longer predicting who will make the Final round, but rather who will win the whole game. Stay tuned!
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