Senin, 28 Februari 2011

This week, the last pre auditon from Zone 1 L-Men of The Year 2011 has been held in Banten. And now that all 8 pre audition winners for Zone 1 have been chosen, it's time to release the final list of our Leaderboard. For this very last Leaderboard for Zone 1, here are 3 winners whom we think should make it to the Final Round.

It's certainly not an easy job to pick only 3 out of 8 very deserving men, the judges must have a difficult time in making their decision. We wish them good luck and also for all 8 contenders too.

We also want to say a special thanks to our members Tito Rusdin, Jiwa Matahari, Touchedbyanangel, Fikriblast, Inu Bahsalmasan, and Ferriyanto Lim who were all involved in creating this Leaderboard.

Stay tuned to find out if our prediction is correct or not ... and see you again with the Leaderboard for Zone 2!
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