Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

By Ferriyanto Lim & Ayus Wijaya

Hi Guys,,

As part of our End of Year special memorial, members of Indonesian Pageants were invited to vote for Best of the Best winner in 2010 pageant season for various categories. After going through the selection process and judging from December 15 until December 26, 2010, now we will announce who is the winner of End of Year Awards for Best Face, Best in Evening Gown, Best in Swimsuit, and Best in National Costume. In addition there will be also special awards for Best 2nd Runner Up, Best 1st Runner Up, and finally Best Winner of 2010.

Two categories have been announced, and now we will announce who is the winner of Best in Swimsuit category. The judges has sent their choices and .. the Best in Swimsuit is ...

Winner : Jamaica Universe - Yendi Philips
1st Runner Up : Puerto Rico World - Yara Lasanta
2nd Runner Up : Ireland Universe - Rozzana Purcell / India Earth - Nicole Faria (TIE)
3rd Runner Up : Philippines Universe - Maria Venus Raj

The Other Nominees
Mexico Universe
China PR World
French Polynesia World
Norway World
USA World
Brazil International
Japan International
Philippines International
Venezuela International
Czech Republic Earth
Ecuador Earth
Vietnam Earth

Congratulations Jamaica for being Indonesian Pageants choice in 2010 Best in Swimsuit category! Stay tuned for the next award ... soon!
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