Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

By Fikriblast / Ffor Fikri

Long before the era of Puteri Indonesia, our nation has actually sent some delegates to Miss Universe pageant. This article is our homage to Juliarti Rahayu, one of those classic beauties who has brought Indonesian name to international level during Miss Universe 1976 pageant.

The picture above shows Julianti Rahayu during the opening number of Miss Universe 1976. Julianti was wearing Balinese traditional costume for her national costume and stood next to Israel's Rina Messinger who eventually won the pageant.

This picture, also taken during Miss Universe 1976, shows Juliarti Rahayu (the one in the middle) along with 4 other Asian delegates (Korea, Philippines, Japan, and Singapore). These ladies were wearing traditional costume of their nation in a photoshoot for Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Last but not least, this picture, courtesy of Pageantopolis, shows Juliarti during the evening gown competition segment of the pageant.

Stay tuned for more Back to Past Moment news, all compiled by our contributor Fikriblast.
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