Rabu, 06 April 2011

By Fikriblast / Ffor Fikri

Pageant is and will always be a competition. However, despite the competitiveness,it does not mean the contestants cannot be friendly and helpful towards each other, as shown in the pictures below .....

Lara Dutta (Miss India 2000) was assisted by Mia de Klerk (Miss Namibia 2000) and Miss Universe staff in a preparation for pre-taping of National Costume segment at the Theater of Kourian.

Barbara Tatara (Miss Poland 2008), Vera Krasova (Miss Russia 2008), and Bojana Borić (Miss Serbia 2008) helped Ingrid Marie Rivera (Miss Puerto Rico 2008) with her costume.

Rachel Kum (Miss Singapore 2009) helped Nari (Miss Korea 2009) to prepare at the backstage of National Costume show at a hotel in Nassau, Bahamas.

Stay tuned for more Back to Past Moment news, all compiled by our contributor Fikriblast.
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