Sabtu, 23 April 2011

This Back to Past Moment entry is a special tribute to a classic edition of Puteri Indonesia. Puteri Indonesia 1994 is the second edition of Puteri Indonesia ever held. It was won by Venna Melinda from DKI Jakarta. Relive the pageant through these nostalgic pictures, all are contribution from our Facebook friend, Dhimas Ageng Bayu Saputra.

The crowning of Venna Melinda as Puteri Indonesia 1994

Venna Melinda during Puteri Indonesia 1994 Final Question Round

Puteri Indonesia 1994 contestants

Venna Melinda attended Miss Universe 1994 as observer delagate

Venna Melinda and Madame Mooryati Soedibyo during their time at Miss Universe 1994

Press conference Miss Universe 1994 visit in Indonesia

Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen and Puteri Indonesia 1994 during her visit to Indonesia

Thanks to Dhimas Ageng Bayu Saputra for his contribution towards this article. Stay tuned for more Back to past Moment news!
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