Senin, 18 April 2011

By Fikriblast / Ffor Fikri

Long before Kurara Chibana and Gavintra Photijak brought the masculine spirit into the feminine world of Beauty Pageant with their respective samurai and thai-boxer costume, a contestant of Miss World 1974 has started this "out of the box" idea of masculine national costume. She is no other than Miss Brazil 1974 Mariza Sommer with a national costume known as "Dragon of Independence".

The "Dragon of Independence"

"Dragon of Independence" is the name by which the Brazilian 1st Cavalry Regiment of Guards was called in 1927. The duty of this Regiment is to guard the security of the Brazilian President. The design of their uniform dates from the nineteenth century, in white and red, which since the Middle Ages are the traditional colors of the cavalry.

Mariza (left) with her national costume

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