Selasa, 24 November 2009

Due to the recent announcement of Miss World having Top 20 semifinalists and the tie result of Talent fast track, our "Pantheon of Beauty" this week sees a bit of change with the addition of Eris tier and more contestants (21 of them) included in the hot list. We suspect (and hope) the tie result may cause one more contestant to make the cut, just like the Asia Pacific tie in 2006 and Beauty with a Purpose tie in 2007. Therefore our Pantheon includes not only 20 but the lucky number 21 in the list.

However, despite all this changes, one thing remain the same. Mexico still leads the Pantheon as the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. She is followed closely by Athena's France and South Africa. Barbados and Ukraine levitate into higher tier while Puerto Rico and Slovakia are falling into lower tier.

Stay tune for the third Leaderboard next week to see if Mexico is still able to retain her precious Golden Apple in our hot list!
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