Kamis, 19 November 2009

A total of 9 new awards have been presented to some contestants of Miss Earth 2009. Here is our second part review about the awards and their winners so far in the competition.

16 November 2009
Three major awards and five minor awards are presented during the Final Long Gown competition at PAGCOR Grand Theater, Paranaque City.

Miss Jubilee President's Foundation : Sandra Seifert (Philippines)
Miss ASVCOR : Mariel Garcia (Dominican Republic)
Miss HDR Management : Izabela Wilczek (Poland)
Miss Eagle Express : Park Ye Ju (Korea)
Miss Asei : Park Ye Ju (Korea)

Best in Long Gown : Sandra Seifert (Philippines)
Miss Photogenic : Tereza Budkova (Czech Republic)
Miss Friendship : Graziella Rogers (Switzerland)

Philippines was chosen as the winner out of Top 15 semifinalists of Long Gown competition. The semifinalists for this event are :

• Group 1 : Colombia, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Venezuela
• Group 2 : India, Italy, Korea, Philippines, USA
• Group 3 : Brazil, Guam, Mexico, Paraguay, Thailand

17 November 2009
One major award is presented during the Final Talent competition at Rose Memorial Auditorium, Central Philippine University, Iloilo City.

Miss Talent : Niuriki Teremate (Tahiti)
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