Senin, 23 November 2009

"Beauty is a sweet thing" and with that motto in our mind, we proudly present the first Leaderboard for Miss International 2009. The girls who make our list here are indeed "sweet delicacies" whose sweetness has pierced our heart. Some of them, however, are sweeter than the other. Therefore we classify these girls into 3 tier of sweetness ... sweet, sweeter, and of course sweetest.

Out of 66 contestants of Miss International 2009, Latinas flavor seems to be the sweetest for our judges' taste as our Top 5 ladies are all Latinas, led by former Miss World 2008 semifinalist, Mexico in 1st place. Slovakia is the sweetest girl from Europe in 6th place while Philippines is the sweetest girl from Asia in 8th place. Sadly enough, once again, we don't have African flavor in our Leaderboard. But next week, hopefully, the girls from Africa may prove that they are worthy enough to be included in our list.

Stay tune for our second Leaderboard and find out which ladies remain sweet in our taste this Saturday!
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