Rabu, 18 November 2009

Miss World Sports 2009 : JAPAN - Eruka Sazaki

1st Runner Up : JAMAICA - Kerrie Bayslis

2nd Runner Up : HUNGARY - Orsolya Serdült

Top 6 : India, Latvia, Venezuela

Top 12 : Australia, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay

The 112 contestants were divided into 4 teams and competed in a preliminary event held on November 17 where 10 best girl from each team advance to Top 40. The final for this event was held on November 18 at Nelson Mandela Stadium, Port Elizabeth. During the final event, the 40 remaining contestants were tested in a series of team sport challenges (soccer penalty shot, obstacle course, and relay race) before being trimmed down to Top 12 semifinalists and finally Top 6 finalists. The semifinalists and finalists then competed in two individual events (assault course and 100-meter sprint) and Japan comes up as the top Miss World sportswoman this year.

Our very own Nina is selected as one of the 10 best girls for her team King African Penguin and compete in Top 40 team challenge round. Her team is also awarded as the best sport team.

Nina and her winning King African Penguin teams

Congratulations Japan! Our first Miss World 2009 semifinalist!
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