Sabtu, 21 November 2009

The final set of our Leaderboard is marked with the return of Philippines into Queen of Earth tier after moving down into one lower tier last week. Philippines impress us with a very strong performance during the final week, as she wins both Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown awards. A new entrant for this ultimate tier is Czech Republic, probably the best European delegate this year and winner of Miss Photogenic award, while Cuba and Venezuela remain as the Top 2 strongest girls in our scoreboard.

Other rising stars this week are Poland, now in Queen of Air tier, and newcomer Jamaica, now in Queen of Fire tier. On the other hand some other girls lose a glimpse of their spark and move down in the rank. Previously strong contender USA is now only in Queen of Air tier, while our rising star last week, Georgia, is sunk into Queen of Water tier.

Overall, European girls dominate the final Leaderboard, followed by the Americans, Asians, and Caribbeans. Sadly there is not a single African girl enlisted in our Leaderboard. In our opinion, the black beauties from Africa are simply overshadowed by their Caribbean counterpart. There is not much buzz about African beauties this year, with the exception of South Sudan, who captures everybody's atention thanks to her statuesque figure. Therefore they lose their spot in our Top 18 hottest list.

So this is it! The final Leaderboard ... check out the result of Miss Earth 2009 tonight and find out if our judges make the right choice!
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