Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

With only hours before the finale it is the time to release the final Leaderboard.Based on this Leaderboard, it is clear that in our opinion Europe has the strongest batch this year with the Top 3 position in our Leaderboard are all occupied by European contestants. On the other hand, the usual powerhouse region in pageant, Latin America, performed rather poorly with only Venezuela makes a significant impact. Even Asia Oceania and Africa, as a batch, have performed better than Latin America this year. The leader for the final time is Norway, who is also a favorite among fans and bookmakers around the world.

Vermilion Bird tier
1. Norway
2. Russia
3. Ireland
4. Puerto Rico
5. China

Azure Dragon tier
6. Botswana
7. Venezuela
8. United States
9. French Polynesia
10. South Africa

White Tiger tier
11. India
12. St Lucia
13. Slovakia
14. Scotland
15. Ethiopia

Black Tortoise tier
16. Martinique
17. Thailand
18. Belgium
19. France
20. Sweden

Green Serpent tier
21. Spain
22. Zimbabwe
23. Mexico
24. Kenya
25. Northern Ireland

And now .. it is also the time to meet he judges behind this Leaderboard. And they are ...

November Rain
Angga RS

and finally ... Moon Gin, your Leaderboard coordinator.

Stay tuned for the final tonight to find out who will eventually win the crown!
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