Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Our journey to follow the Miss World 2010 contestants activities continued here!

18 October : Visit to Nanshan Temple
The contestants visited Nanshan Temple, located 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Sanya. It is the biggest Buddhist preaching site established since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Nestling at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, the temple was completed on 12 April 1998, during the 2,000th anniversary year of Buddhism coming to China.

19 October : Beach Beauty Fast Track
The contestants competed in Beach Beauty Fast Track, held at The Mandarin Oriental Resort. Puerto Rico won the event.

21 October : Sports Fast Track
The contestants competed in Sports Fast Track, held at Sheraton Hotel. Northern Ireland won the event.

23 October : Top Model Fast Track
The contestants participated in Dynasty Fashion Show and competed in Top Model Fast Track, held at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Norway won the event. French Polynesia won Best Designer Dress award.

25 October : LPGA Sanya Open Golf Final
Some contestants were invited to the final of LPGA Sanya Open Golf competition held at Yalong Bay Golf Course. They became honorary guests at the final and had the honour to present the trophy to Top 3 winners of the golf competition.

26 October : Talent Fast Track
The contestants competed in Talent Fast Track, held at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Ireland won the event.

27 October : Sanya Open Beach Volleyball Opening Match
A group of contestants were invited to witness the opening match game between Great Britain and China of the Sanya Open Beach Volleyball Championships currently being held at Olympic Bay. The media took the opportunity to take photographs and the contestants autographed some of the playing balls.

28-29 October : Preliminary Interview
The contestants took part in a preliminary interview to decide which ones of them would be in Top 25. As part of the 60th anniversary celebration, the judges of Miss World this year are all former Miss World winners.

30 October : The Finale
After a series of preliminaries, galas, shows, and rehearsals, the finale event would finally take place at Crown of Beauty Theatre, where the 60th Mss World would be crowned.

The journey of Miss World 2010 contestants has reached its final moment when only one thing left to do ... the crowning of the new Queen. Who will she be? Stay tuned tomorrow night!
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