Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

For this edition of Leaderboard, IP team ask some of its members to become our "jury" and help decide who's the hottest 10 Puteri Indonesia 2009 contestants after the Batik Campaign and Coreography Class impression. The score from each "jury" member is then tabulated in order to decide which candidates make this hot list.

The demure and elegant Aceh Darussalam is still the one to beat, but some girls start to make better impression and rise up their rank in this Leaderboard. These rising up girls include the modern and sophisticated DKI Jakarta 4, whose some photos remind us to Riyo Mori, the cute and charming DKI Jakarta 2, who was a disappointment during the Arrival but finally back in the game and reminds us again on why we loved her in the first place, and the regal and graceful Bangka Belitung, who was virtually unnoticed before but slowly impresses our "jury" with her facial beauty. On the other hand, some girls, including DKI Jakarta 6, DKI Jakarta 1, and Kalimantan Timur are struggling to maintain their position in our Leaderboard and has to either go down in rank or leave the in-crowd.

Stay tune for our next Leaderboard on Thursday to find out our final say about the Top 10 delegates this year!
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