Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Viva Mexico! And all of its beauties, especially Perla, whose unrivaled beauty may only come once in a blue moon! Mexico takes four consecutive placements as the Aphrodite of our Leaderboard and she indeed deserves it. With such a beauty that impresses fans all around the world, Perla is the strongest possible contestant to win Miss World 2009 crown.

Other girls whom we also expect to do well are South Africa, France, Barbados, Vietnam, Scotland, and Puerto Rico. These girls have performed consistently strong throughout the competition and have a real shot at the crown as well. Bubbling up as possible semifinalists in our vision are Italy, Indonesia, Belarus, and Panama.

With only hours before the coronation of the new Miss World, here is our final review and rank of this year Miss World contestants. Stay tune for Miss World result and our review of the final night .. and special thaks too for all the judges who have participated in this Leaderboard.
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