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The last 5 nations of our comparison analyses are finally here!

11 Puerto Rico
Last year : Ivonne Orsini
This year : Jennifer Colon
Our opinion : Ivonne was one of the girl that we never expected to be in the semifinal last year. Sure she made quite a splash here and there but we thought there are still some other girls who were more deserving than her. Her predecessor this year, Jennifer, can simply follow Ivonne’s step and even go further into final round. Having one of the most beautiful face in the competition is surely a plus point for Jennifer. In addition to that, Jennifer has performed very well and even surpassed Ivonne’s performance in our opinion. It’s true that some people become doubtful after she is not enlisted in Top Model event and her photos during Beach Beauty event suggest that she is not as tall as she claim. But still Jennifer is a front runner this year and excluding her from semifinal line up will be a cardinal sin for the judges.
Our prediction : She is not as favored as she used to be but she will still be a semifinalist.

12 Spain
Last year : Patricia Rodriguez
This year : Carmen Laura Garcia
Our opinion : Another downfall of the year comes from this Iberian nation. After sending such a strong delegate like Patricia last year, Spain only sent a mediocre girl to this year pageant. Even in her national pageant, there are far prettier girl than Carmen such as Alejandra Echevarria and Melanie Santiago who both strike gold for Spain at Miss Earth and Miss International this year. Carmen has not made any sparks since her arrival at London and it looks like she won’t deliver too much on the final night.
Our prediction : A very long shot for semifinal round.

13 South Africa
Last year : Tansey Coetzee
This year : Tatum Keshwar
Our opinion : Aside of Mexico, South Africa is the only last year semifinalist nation who sends another high quality girl this year. Both Tansey and Tatum are statuesque, exotic, and gorgeous. They are both Miss Universe semifinalist and also front runner of Miss World in their respective year. Determining which one of them is stronger may end in an endless debate as both of their quality are almost in the same level. However, Tatum has a little edge over her predecessor for two reasons. First she made one round higher placement than Tansey in Miss Universe. And second she competes at Miss World in the perfect timing. Miss World Organization will certainly get a lot of attention if next year, during World Cup 2010 fever in South Africa, the reigning Miss World comes from the very same nation. Don’t be surprised to see Tatum crowned in the final night.
Our prediction : She is pretty and statuesque. Her nation is the host nation. And yes … her nation will host World Cup 2010 next year. A sure semifinalist!

14 India
Last year : Parvathy Omanakuttan
This year : Pooja Chopra
Our opinion : India is a powerhouse when it comes to beauty pageant. If you were a newbie in pageant world and you heard that trivia last year, you would believe it. Parvathy was a worthy contestant and deserved a First Runner Up position for being a living example of beauty with brain. But if you hear that very same trivia this year, you may beg to disagree. Pooja does not exemplify or represent any of India’s long term history as a pageant powerhouse. Her performance so far is quite disappointing and below the standard of Parvathy and the other successful Indian beauty queens. It’s no wonder that even with the hot sash of India, she is still omitted from the hot list of many pageant experts and fans around the world.
Our prediction : This year is not a good year for India in pageant world and it will continue with Pooja’s exclusion at Miss World final.

15 Russia
Last year : Ksenia Sukhinova
This year : Ksenia Shipilova
Our opinion : Two Ksenias. Two different fates. While Ksenia Sukhinova was a clear favorite for the crown last year, Ksenia Shipilova is nothing but a potential clapper for the final night. The gap between these two girls, tough they share the same name, are just too far like heaven and earth. Selecting this girl to represent their nation at Miss World is a major setback for Russia. Miss Russia Organization should have sent Svetlana instead of this girl.
Our prediction : Just because you have the same name, it does not mean you will be a semifinalist too.

Okay this is it ... the last of our analyses. But our coverage of the Miss World fever still continues with our Final leaderboard this Friday!
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