Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

They have correctly predicted Bolivia as the winner of Mister International 2009 and 9 other contestants as semifinalists and finalists. They have proved that they have great taste of beauty and deserve to be included as Leaderboard judges. Now let's meet the judges behind Mister International 2009 Leaderboard!

Angga RS ... hardcore pageant fans

Niendya ... our lovely latest Patih and Adipati of West Java region

Zefozie ... the Belgian hunk

... our funny, witty, and sassy auntie from Makassar

Nursasongko ... one of the founders of IP community

and finally ... Moon Gin ... your Leaderboard coordinator!

With the results of all 2009 pageants concluded, it's time to close another chapter in pageant history and get ready for a new in 2010! See you in our coverage for national and international pageants of 2010 ... starting next January!
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