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Our analyses and comparison between last year 15 semifinalists and their successors this year continue with the next 5 nations!

6 Brazil
Last year : Tamara Almeida Silva
This year : Luciana Bertolini
Our opinion : Since the first week of the competition, Tamara was already a choice by many fans for semifinalist and even finalist slot. Their delegate this year, Luciana, is indeed a pretty lady. But compared to Tamara, she is still one level down. She lacks the charm that Tamara showed in her year. Up until now, her performance is still under Tamara and we believe this will be reflected towards their chance to be in semifinal. While Tamara is almost a safe bet for semifinal spot, Luciana’s chance to be in the same position of her predecessor is quite a long shot.
Our prediction : It’s not a game over yet for Luciana and she still has her chance. But we won’t be surprised or disappointed if she is excluded from semifinal.

7 Angola
Last year : Brigith Dos Santos
This year : Jesinalda Silva
Our opinion : The three consecutive year record of being Continental Queen of Africa for Angola seems will be broken this year. Jesinalda is just not in the same league with her predecessor. While Brigith attracted the world’s attention with her statuesque supermodel figure last year, Jesinalda is simply drowned among the other contestants this year. Nothing is unique or special about this girl that makes her a standout. After three years glittering in sunshine, it seems time has come for Angola to face their dark cloudy days this year.
Our prediction : Angola can try to reclaim their luck back next year.

8 Kazakhstan
Last year : Alfina Nassyrova
This year : Dina Nuraliyeva
Our opinion : There are some similarities between these two delegates from Kazakhstan. Both of them competed in Miss Universe before trying their luck at Miss World. Both of them were also unplaced during their time at Miss Universe. However while Alfina managed to turn her luck and landed as a semifinalist at Miss World last year, we doubt Dina can do the same thing this year. Alfina has showed some signs that she is a delegate to watch when she was enlisted in both Beach Beauty and Top Model events, something that Dina is not able to do this year. That and the fact that this year contestants are slightly stronger than last year do not sound too good for Dina.
Our prediction : She can kiss Miss World semifinal good bye.

9 Iceland
Last year : Alexandra Ivarsdottir
This year : Gudrun Dogg Runarsdottir
Our opinion : Alexandra made her way to the semifinal round after she was chosen as the best sportswoman during Sports competition last year. However, even without winning a Fast Track event, we believe Alexandra’s chance to be a semifinalists is still wide open. On the contrary, we believe winning a Fast Track event is the only way for Gudrun to ensure her placemnet at this year Miss World contest. She is not as beautiful or radiant as Alexandra was, and in such a competitive year like this one, her chance is only getting slimmer and slimmer. At this point, it’s almost an impossible task for Gudrun to follow Alexandra’s success at Miss World final night.
Our prediction : She should have been trained to be a better sportswoman like Alexadra was because now without Fast Track ticket, the only thing that can make her a semifinalist is a miracle.

10 Trinidad & Tobago
Last year : Gabrielle Walcott
This year : Ashanna Arthur
Our opinion : The winner of Beauty With a Purpose, Gabrielle indeed showed the world that she is truly a woman of substance last year. Her charismatic and sophisticated aura helped her to land as the Second Runner Up, which is quite an achievement for this island nation. This year, after losing Peter Elias as their national director, Trinidad & Tobago also seems to lose their magic at Miss World contest. Ashanna is not only a complete degradation from Gabrielle’s level of beauty, she is also one of the weakest contestant this year. The only time she makes quite an attraction is when she is enlisted as one of Sports finalist. Aside of that, Ashanna is barely noticed by fans around the world and will likely be ignored by the judges too during the final night.
Our prediction : Definitely not a semifinalist.

Stay tune for our analyses on the last 5 nations ... including the winning nation of 2008 .. Russia!
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