Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

Our Pantheon this week is heavily influenced by the results of two most prestigious Fast Track events, Beach Beauty and Top Model. Some of our new entrants this week are the girls who rocked both competitions; Scotland, Panama, and Vietnam. Scotland is now the second highest ranked contestant from Europe while Vietnam is the highest ranked contestant from Asia Oceania. Also makes some buzz is Korea, a cute and charming lady, who starts to make strong impression this week.

But the biggest jump of the week comes from the winner of Beach Beauty event, Gibraltar. Her surprising victory over some other more favored contestants has suddenly put a spotlight on this lady, who was virtually negligible by everybody before. She comes out of nowhere to place in Artemis tier this week.

Our Aphrodite for this week is no other than Mexico, who has won this title for three consecutive weeks. Her victory at Top Model event not only ensures Mexico's sixth consecutive placement at Miss World but also proves that her favoritism is not a bluff. Top Model title is also considered a good luck charm, as two previous Miss World winners were also Top Model winners, and with this title in her hand, Mexico has made a strong statement that "she is the one to beat" in the final.

With only one week to go, stay tune for our final Leaderboard next week and find out which girls we think deserve to make the semifinal round of Miss World 2009!
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