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The competition is finally over. The crown has finally found a new holder. But the story still continues with one final part - the final review.

Love It
(Things We Like)

• The opening dance. It’s been a tradition in Miss Universe that the opening always features spectacular number with colorful national costumes and choreographed dance. But what makes this year more special is the dance. The military-themed “Commmander” dance, led by Jamaica, Curacao, and Norway, is probably one of the best opening dance in Miss Universe history. Great choreography with great execution.
• The diversity of Top 15. Unlike last year, we have a more diverse Top 15 this year, with all major continents and regions (Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, America, and Caribbean) have their respective representative in Top 15. It was great to see such diversity in the semifinal, as it shows beauty indeed comes in all colors and shapes.
• The inclusion of Guatemala in Top 15. Not only because it is its first placement since 1984, but also because it suggests that sash is not always a factor. Normally you would only expect Guatemala as a clapper in Miss Universe.But this is the year where Jessica Scheel has truly surprised the world as she came out from obscurity to take out the preliminary stage with storms. We are glad that the judges could see her performance beyond her sash and include her in the list instead of pageant powerhouses like USA or Venezuela.
• The John Legend and The Roots performance. This musical medley gave a jazzy vibe which is totally a perfect atmosphere to serenade the evening gown competition. Ironically before the show aired, I looked forward the Cirque du Soleil performance more. But it turns out that performance was a complete opposite from Cirque-esque attraction that I expected. Therefore, personally, this performance was also a redeemer for the lame and disappointing Cirque du Soleil performance.
• The inclusion of Australia in Top 5. A lot of fans, including myself, initially thought she was ot as strong as her two predecessors. Her performance in preliminary was good, but not great, and she was probably enlisted due to the virtue of Trump’s Choice. Bur once in the Top 15, Jesinta Campbell showed us what she actually got. Beaming on the stage with that teen idol aura, she was my personal fave for the night. I believe her answer in Top 5 round was worthy a Miss Universe crown. Unfortunately, the judges only put her in the third place. Still she managed to outplace her two predecessors and on the top of that, she was also voted the most congenial contestant.

Leave It
(Things We Dislike)

• The topless glam shoot. The bodypaint idea is actually quite creative and Fadil Berisha once again delivers a magnificent photoshoot. But when some delegates went too far by posing topless, the awesomeness of the photoshoot was suddenly ruined. While topless photoshoot is already a common thing in today fashion world, I think it’s still not suitable for pageant. Especially as there are still many people who think pageant is a degradation of woman value. A topless photoshoot would only be just another reason for these people to oppose pageant further.
• The cheap looking stage. Ever since the Thai stage in 2005, Miss Universe final stage has been constantly degrading in quality from year to year. Just when I thought the stage design couldn’t be worse that the one in Bahamas last year, the organizer presented us with that even smaller and more tasteless stage. There is nothing glamorous about that stage, which is an irony, because the pageant is held at supposedly one of the most glamorous city in the world, Las Vegas.
• The exclusion of Ireland and Albania from Top 5. Both of them have performed consistenly too well to be excluded from Top 5. The way Rozanna Purcell posed before the evening gown presentation was even my favorite moment of the night. She along with Angela Martini should have been given higher scores. Too bad the judges didn’t see their sparks and picked that plain Jane Ukraine instead.
• The shameless promotion of CHI haircare. I actually don’t mind if Miss Universe tries to include their main sponsor as part of the preliminary or final night, as long as they do it well. What we got from the fusion of Miss Universe and CHI was a series of amateurish promo including the uber silly CHI Ninja commercial. Even with the divine Miss Russia as its main star, the commercial was nothing but a pure stupid joke.
• The national costume award decided by voting. Fortunately the winner is a deservign one, Thailand. But still, in my opinion, the national costume award should be decided by a panel of professional judges who actually knows about fashion, design, and most importanly cultural value. It is even sadder that you have to join an exclusive membership in order to vote for the best costume. Is Miss Universe now all about money?

The Queen

• Now let's talk about the newly crowned Queen, Jimena Navarette. In my preliminary review, I have said that this girl is the best Latina this year. And as I have predicted, she indeed outlasts the other Latina to become not only the best Latina but also the best among all. So in a way her victory was not too surprising. However, beauty wise there are other contestants who are more superior beauty, and brain wise there are other contestants with a better final answer. These facts alone are reminders that while Jimena eventually took the crown, there are actually some other contestants who would have been a more worthy winner. Personally I believe Jimena is a good choice for this year title, but certainly not a great one.

With this final review, it's time to say adios to our Miss Universe 2010 Coverage. But don't worry guys! There are still plenty coverages to come, including Miss World 2010 next month!

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