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Name : Kerenina Sunny Halim
Age : 23
Birthdate : 13 Juni 1986
Height : 167
Languages : Indonesian, English, Chinese, French, Spanish & Germany


Kerenina hails from Jakarta and is a high school teacher. Her hobbies include yoga, drawing, cooking and acting. She enjoys singing and dancing, in particular ballet, jazz and salsa. She has a dog called Choco and her favourite foods are Indonesian and Japanese. Her personal motto is “The way to be happy is to make others happy”.


Tell us about your job/studies!
I was home-schooled, from kindergarten to high-school. My college was an online course from california. I took 6 majors and achieved 6 diplomas, which are Public relations, sales and marketing, home economics, performing arts, culinary arts, primary teaching. Before becoming Miss indonesia 09 I was working with an NGO, we had numerous projects, focus mainly in providing education for under-priviledged kids, we had several schools built, also disaster relief projects, and donationg goods to slum areas around indonesia, providing seminars about health and hygiene, and seminars for parents on eduaction and parenting. I also taught at a junior high school, as a counselor.

How are you preparing for Miss World in South Africa?
I have many trainning sessions, first was mind and heart focus trainning for inner beauty. Then trainning for hair and make up, how to apply make up for daily wear and evening events or stage performances. Public speaking training courses. Interviews and speech making courses. Personality structure classes and character building courses. Communication, body language, etiquette and manners training. Gym fitness training, 3 times a week. Dance classes for talent show. I have also been doing many on-going charity projects which have been documented to show for my beauty with a purpose. Catwalk and stage performance classes, and pose training for photo sessions.

What's your daily routine?
Everyday is pretty full with activities, starting with morning devotions, then day activites are mainly charity projects, donating goods, teaching under-priviledged kids, visiting patients such as kids with polio, hernia, cleft lip, etc. and then training classes and preparation lessons for miss world, and ending with either gym or dance training. Evenings are usually scheduled with local events and functions that I attend. And I have also met with numerous diplomats and local goverment officials and ministers for trainning sessions and their support for going to Miss World.

How do you feel about travelling to South Africa?
Very excited! I've done some studying about current events, history and culture, and I can't wait to be there :)

Which elements of Miss World are you most looking forward to?
All of it! :) it will be my first time going to London as well as South Africa, so I am very excited about that. I'm looking forward to meeting so many new people, especially important people who have made a difference in the World and learning many things from their experiences. Looking forward to the photoshoots, training we will get, traveling and new experiences and making new friends with the other contestants, and most of all looking forward to the night of the final event.

Do you have a message to the other Miss World contestants?
Hi, looking forward to meeting all of you beautiful ladies :) wish you good luck with all your preparations. See you soon in South Africa, and keep doing your best everyday to make a difference in your part of the World! God bless :)

What do you think are you qualities that you will bring to the competition?
My friendly nature, outgoing and positive personality. Contagious energy, and desire to learn and experience new things. Like working hard and being helpful, and making a difference.

What individual talents will seperate you from the other contestants?
My ability to adapt well to any situation, my strong background and experience in charity work, my love of working with kids, my ability to learn foreign languages quickly, my pleasant personality and ability to communicate well with diverse levels or strata of society.
What would it mean to you to do well at Miss World?
It will be a tremendous accomplishment, something I will be very grateful for and and very happy and blessed to be given this great opportunity to continue helping others on a global scale and make a difference. I consider it a high honor, a great sucess that I will be extremely proud of.

What is your favourite landmark?

Candi Borobudur, it is one of the World's seven wonders, and is rich in Indonesian history

What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Who do you most admire?
Mother Theresa & Lady Diana.

What is your favourite tourism destination ?
Sikuai Island, is a small secluded island located in Padang, West Sumatera. An enjoyable 15 minute speedboat ride from Muara Bay would take you to this beautiful island. As soon as you arrive on this island, you will see a white and soft sandy beach and gentle waves with crystal clear water decorating the whole island.

Source : Miss World 2009, contestants interview, at www.missworld.org


Nina menyabet gelar Top 22 Miss Talent, Top 12 Miss Beach Beauty, Top 40 Miss Sport selama Miss World 2009.
Ssstt, Nina boysfriend is Nino Fernandez, actor dan juga model beken.Nina & Nino, what a couple hehehe
Nina yang berdarah campuran America juga adik dari actor Steve Emmanuelle, kata Steve Nina itu aslinya tomboy dan lucu seperti badut!Saking tomboynya, hingga umur belasan tahun masih suka bermain soccer bersama Steve!
Nina selain menjabat sebagai Miss Indonesia 2009 juga menjadi Duta Anti Narkoba dan Duta Sariayu.

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