Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

The final Fast Track event, Sports, was held at Incheon on 24th March 2010 and the big prize went to Czech Republic for being the most athletic among 74 contestants. Silver medal was snatched by Norway while Malta took the bronze medal. The final placement of the event was decided by a 300 meter beach race where the Top 8 finalists competed for a spot in semifinal round.

Prior to the final race, the contestants were divided into 4 teams, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Red. The members of each team were pushed to their limits with press ups, sit ups, squat thrusts and other timed circuit training. Top 20 contestants with the best individual result were later announced, followed by the Top 8 who would participate in the final race event.

The Sports Final is the third and final fast track event after Korea won the Talent event and Brazil won the Top Model event.
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