Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

They say beauty comes in many colors, forms, and shapes and we think it is indeed true. Beauty is unique because it transcends one exact definition and appears in many visualizations, including for male beauty. Since the ancient Pantheon Era to the modern Millennium Era today, male beauty has come in many types throughout history.

In this Beauty Taxonomy, your guide for beauty classification, we try to classify and put this various type of male beauty into four basic types. And what is a better example for this experiment other than the contestants of Mister World 2010 ... currently held in Incheon, South Korea. So get ready to use your lab coat as we examine these hot specimens, one by one, under our beauty microscope!

Taxon 1 : Serpent Like Beauty
• This type of beauty normally has an exotic facial feature and an enigmatic sense of being mystical, especially from their sharp reptilian gaze. They have this kind of dark and nocturne sensation that works as their irresistible charm, like the vampires. Belong to this group are Romania and Turkey.

Taxon 2 : Wolf Like Beauty
• This type of beauty normally has a soft, warm, boy band cute facial feature, just like the wolf who has tame and playful side, despite their wild exterior. Most of them also seem to be blessed with an eternal youth that makes them look fresh and young forever. Belong to this group are Belgium and Hong Kong.

Taxon 3 : Tiger Like Beauty
• This type of beauty normally has an edgy and high fashion facial feature, which screams supermodel. As feline family is famous for its gracefulness, this type of beauty is also famous for their natural appeal of style. Belong to this group are Croatia and Serbia.

Taxon 4 : Horse Like Beauty
• This type of beauty normally has a pure handsome facial feature and a tons of sex appeal, which is a natural trait of a stallion. This group usually possess a strong and sensual quality which makes them look very hot and sexy. Belong to this group are Brazil and Lebanon.

Okay folks .. that is all for Beauty Taxonomy today! Class dismissed! But our coverage of Mister World 2010 does not end here as we will still continue with a lot more articles .. including the very first Leaderboard soon!
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